Sustainable Origins Strategy

Sustainable Origins Strategy

Blommer Chocolate works closely with our customers, suppliers, international organizations and implementation partners on customized sustainability programs. First initiated in 2004, they now cover about 61% of the cocoa we source globally, and 78% of the cocoa we source from West Africa.

Sustainable Origins

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Sustainability Programs and Impacts

All our sustainability programs are designed to support farmers and help ensure their economic viability while also safeguarding social objectives such as advancing the access to primary education to contribute to the overall reduction of child labor. We implement these programs with partners who have a profound knowledge of the countries within which they operate and possess the staff and infrastructure to make the programs effective.

Blommer’s own in-house sustainability team, which includes origin-based members, closely supervise the work and ensure constant alignment with customer priorities.

Since 2017, Blommer also directly implements community development work which focuses on women empowerment as well as child protection and education. Since the living and farming conditions of cocoa farmers vary between Indonesia, Ecuador and farmers in West Africa, it is important for us to always take applicable origin conditions into account when designing and adjusting our sustainability programs as one size does not fit all.

Globally, our Sustainable Origins programs are based on the 3 pillars of People, Planet and Prosperity which we adapt to prevailing local conditions including the level of know-how and expertise demonstrated by the farmers themselves.

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Sustainability Partnership Opportunities

Under our Sustainable Origins program, Blommer can customize a program to the needs of our customers who want a large scope sustainability program that fits their long-term strategy.

Partnering with Blommer Sustainable Origins program offers many benefits

  • A sustainability program customized to your company’s vision and mission
  • Budget flexibility
  • Full transparency on the program activities and impacts
  • Direct access to the cocoa farming communities
  • Child Labor Monitoring and Remediation Systems (CLMRS) are present in 100% of our sustainability programs
  • A program verified by 3rd party auditors utilizing agreed upon KPIs
  • Customized programs can include traditional certifications if needed
  • Marketing rights to promote the program as your own

You can learn more about our programs and activities here.

Blommer Sustainable Origins Infographic

Download our Sustainable Origins Infographic to learn more about how this program helps to make a serious impact on the day to day lives of cocoa farmers and helps to build thriving communities for the long term beneft of our must crucial partner.