R&D Applications Lab

Chocolate Kitchen & Demonstration Area

This is the centerpiece of our lab. It is set up with flexibility for virtual & in-person trainings and demonstrations as well as for maximum functionality.

  • Temperature & humidity controlled for optimum chocolate working conditions
  • Small & medium scale panning and tempering capabilities. Well-equipped for producing various centers & moulded confections.
  • Environmental chamber behind kitchen for shelf-life testing
Photo of demonstration area
Photo of kitchen

Hot Kitchen

A functional workspace for bakery & beverage work separate from chocolate work.

  • Small scale bakery equipment including convection baking & frying
  • Small scale ice cream freezer
  • Gas range and Thermomix for producing a wide range of other applications

Ideation Space

Ideation is crucial to our R&D team’s mission to provide creative solutions for our partners! We use a variety of techniques to think outside the box and deliver innovative ideas.

  • Designed for flexibility and encouraging creativity, including some fun touches like our candy wall and our great view of the Chicago river, this is the ideal space to come together and collaborate.
Photo of Blommer ideation space
Photo of central corridor in Blommer offices

Central Corridor

Various “zones” are set up to accommodate small meetings/conversations, sensory evaluation, and workstations for the Applications Team.

  • Sensory nooks equipped with specialized lighting for ‘blinding’ samples