Sustainable Origins Strategy

Sustainable Origins Strategy

Blommer Chocolate works closely with our customers, suppliers, international organizations and implementation partners on customized sustainability programs. First initiated in 2004, they now cover about 61% of the cocoa we source globally, and 78% of the cocoa we source from West Africa.


Four images of the traceability process.


All of our supplying farms are in the process of GPS mapping and farmers are registered as part of a farm household survey. The collected mapping results provide the baseline of our work with our farming partners.


Sustainable Origins provides periodic program updates to its customers. The reports are generated through regularly collected monitoring data and cover all major activity lines like trainings including premium distribution, distribution of planting material, women participation, ect… S.O. further conducts annual surveys to gain better understanding of women needs in particular and farmers’ situation in general. The results of the combined Monitoring and Evaluation results will help us gain insights as to what interventions have led to the greatest output and in case needed redirect our resources.


To ensure that the program is delivering the benefits outlined, customers are invited to accompany our in-country team to visit our Sustainable Origins network, speak with farming partners and witness firsthand the impact of the program.


Our supplying cooperatives/ farmer associations are all annually audited either by the accredited certification bodies or appointed third party auditing organizations, depending on the specific S.O. network. In the non-certified independently audited programs Blommer also shares the annual audit report to its customers based on Sustainable Origin standard accompanied by a management response.

Cocoa Cooperatives Map

The map below displays the cocoa cooperatives we source directly from this season. It shows the cooperatives name and exact location, the certification and the number of farmers in our network. Blommer is committed to improve traceability and transparency along our cocoa supply chain. We will continue developing our data colleciton and traceablity capabilities and we will update this map annually.