offering only the finest tasting chocolate products

Differentiation/Key Advantages

As the largest cocoa bean processor in North America, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience and the highest quality products. Providing the finest tasting chocolate is the sole focus of our business, and we have committed 70 years of experience and invested in the best technology to perfect the process.

  • We are the largest, fully-integrated chocolate and cocoa manufacturer in North America, supplying the confectionery, baking, and dairy industries.
  • We are the largest presser in North America, giving our customers the freshest ingredients and the fastest order processing time.
  • We align ourselves with all facets of our customers business with an integrated team approach; from market information and technical assistance to plant locations and product collaboration.
  • Innovative product offerings – from specialty cocoas and our premium chocolate line; to products, custom-tailored to our customers specifications.
  • Our Research and Development team uses a hands on approach to collaborate with our customers and help them to be the best in their industry.
  • We meet the highest food safety standards, and provide reliable, quick and flexible order fulfillment.
  • Our integrated team approach to communicating with our customers allows us to offer open-book pricing, as well as share our industry knowledge and market insight.
  • Our corporate social responsibility initiatives are the strongest in the industry.

Blommer Chocolate Process Flow Diagrams:

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Cocoa bean processing infographic
Chocolate and Compound Manufacturing infographic