Sustainable Ingredients

Offering Sustainable Solutions to our Customers

Blommer’s portfolio of sustainable products continues to expand to support our customers in their sustainable growth. We offer a wide range of cocoa products, chocolates and compounds made with sustainable ingredients, sourced under a certification or Blommer’s own sustainability program, Sustainable Origins™. Reach out to your Blommer representative to learn more about our sustainable portfolio.


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Blommer Chocolate is a leader in advancing sustainable cocoa farming as a founding and board member of the World Cocoa Foundation, an original signatory of the Cocoa and Forests Initiative and through its managed sustainability programs.

World Cocoa Foundation logo

World Cocoa Foundation

Blommer is a founding member and a board member of the World Cocoa Foundation.

The WCF mission is to catalyze public-private action to accelerate cocoa sustainability. WCF champions multi-stakeholder partnerships, aligned public and private investment, policy dialogue, and joint learning and knowledge sharing to achieve transformative change in the cocoa supply chain. With WCF we focus on improving cocoa farmers livelihood , on strengthening cocoa farming communities by empowering woman and developing access to primary education, on fighting child labor and cocoa-related deforestation, and tackling climate change.

More on WCF website.

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National Confectionary Association

Blommer is a member of the chocolate council at NCA.

NCA is the trade organization that advances, protects and promotes chocolate, candy, gum and mints, and the companies that make these special treats. As the leading association for the U.S. confectionery industry, NCA helps ensure the public understands and appreciates the unique role that chocolate and candy can play in a happy, balanced lifestyle.

More on NCA website.

Cocoa Merchant Association of Americas logo

Cocoa Merchant Association of Americas

Blommer is a board member of CMAA.

CMAA is the only cocoa organization that focuses on importing, trading and logistics needs of the U.S. cocoa industry.

More on CMAA website.

Fine Chocolate Industry Association logo

Fine Chocolate Industry Association

The FCIA was founded in 2007 as a global, non-profit organization focused on supporting the development and innovation of the Fine Chocolate industry.

As a board member, Blommer provides guidance and supports FCIA mission to identify industry standards for cacao growing, bar and confection production, and the use of quality ingredients. We participate in promoting best practices in cacao processing and chocolate production, and transparent labeling and marketing practices.

More on FCIA website.