Quality & Sensory

Quality & Sensory

We at Blommer believe that flavor is key to our customer’s bottom line

Blommer Chocolate uses customized Descriptive Analysis with a select group of panelists to evaluate chocolate products produced in our facility as well as tasting products under development. Additionally, we collaborate with our customers to customize our methodologies to meet a customer’s needs. An example would be a specialized sensory panel trained and certified to screen products for our customer so they are confident enough not to have to do their own in-house tasting.


Flavor is what we sell

As it is the philosophy of Blommer to empower all employees to impact our final flavor, plant operators in their departments receive training to taste what is produced on their shift.

Chocolate Descriptive Terms

Chocolate Essence Intense chocolate liquor, increases with proper fermentation and degree of roast

Cocoay Cocoa powder, less intense

Fruity Processed fruit, such as cherry or raspberry

Woody Dry wood, popsicle sticks, improper bean cleaning

Nutty Nuts roasted in the shell, whole cocoa bean roasting

Green Raw vegetables (green beans, peas), or as “under-roasted”

Cardboard Bland (cocoa butter)

Hammy / Smokey Smoked cured meats, fire drying of cocoa beans

Burnt Burnt toast, espresso coffee, sticks, stems burning in roasting

Bitter Caffeine, decreases with fermentation time, felt on back of tongue

Astringent Alum, decreases with fermentation time, felt all-over mouth

Acidic Vinegar, pods harvested too early, artificial drying of beans

Ashy Wet ashtray, burning of debris in roasting process

Sour Lemons, peaks and levels out during bean fermentation

Earthy Potting soil, greenhouse, improper bean cleaning