Manufacturers of the Finest Chocolate Since 1939

Our History

Blommer Chocolate is a fully integrated chocolate and cocoa manufacturer serving customers around the world. Our company was founded in 1939 in Chicago, Illinois, by Henry Blommer, Sr., along with his brothers Al and Bernard. The brothers were born into the food business. Their grandfather, Conrad Blommer, was an established Milwaukee confectioner before opening Blommer Ice Cream, which later became Wisconsin Creameries before being sold to National Dairy. Father William worked in the family ice cream business prior to buying into Ambrosia Chocolate, where he served as vice president.

By 1948, our business had grown and warranted expansion, so Blommer branched out nationally with the addition of the Blommer Chocolate Factory of California in Los Angeles. A few years later, in 1951, Blommer purchased the common stock of Boldemann Chocolate of San Francisco. Operations of both the Southern California (Los Angeles) and San Francisco operations were consolidated in 1970 with a new facility being built in Union City, California.

But growth continued and we expanded once again to meet the demands of increasing business. Another new plant was built in East Greenville, Pennsylvania, in 1980. By the end of the 20th century we had outgrown that East Greenville facility, and in 2001 completed an 85,000-square-feet addition to that plant.

Most recently, in 2006, Blommer purchased an additional 85,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Campbellford, Ontario, giving the company four factories that are located strategically across North America, allowing Blommer the unique ability to respond quickly to our customers’ needs regardless of where they’re located.

Today, our business has grown to become the largest chocolate manufacturer in North America. With four generations of family chocolate makers behind us, Blommer offers continuity in today’s business climate marked by competition and consolidation.

Our current success is a direct result of our dedication to the Blommer brothers' founding principles – quality, consistency and concern for the customer. Despite all our growth, we have maintained the flexibility to respond to all our customers’ needs, enabling us to deliver superior service with superior value.

Blommer Historical Timeline

Explore the roots of the Blommer family and how they founded the Blommer Chocolate Company – 1939 to present day. Download.

  • Photograph of Blommer Chocolate Company factory from street circa 1930s


    The Blommer Chocolate Company is founded in Chicago.

  • Photograph of unknown workers receiving first liquid chocolate delivery in large tanker


    First delivery of liquid chocolate in a tanker truck.

  • Photograph of group of men discussing chocolate pricing circa 1940s


    Introduces chocolate pricing based on the New York Cocoa Exchange quotes.

  • 1947

    American Cocoa Research Foundation is created by the Board of the Chocolate manufacturer’s Association, strongly supported by Henry Blommer .

  • Photograph of Bishop Chocolate Ecudaor Cocoa Bean label


    Blommer purchases Bishop Chocolate in Los Angeles.

  • Photograph of unknown men on Boldermann Chocolate delivery trucks


    Blommer purchases Boldemann Chocolate in San Francisco.

  • Photograph of Henry Blommer mingling with African people at event


    Henry Blommer is appointed cocoa advisor in Nigeria.

  • Aerial view of Blommer chocolate plant in Union City, California circa 1970s


    Blommer opens a new plant in Union City, California.

  • Photograph of Henry Blommer and unkown woman at NCA event


    Henry Blommer is elected chairman of the NCA cocoa advisory board.

  • Photograph of Blommer plant in East Greenville


    Blommer opens a new plant in East Greenville.

  • Photograph of older Henry Blommer with Kettle Award


    Candy Industry magazine awards its prestigious Kettle Award to Blommer. It’s the first time a supplier wins the award.

  • Photograph of cocoa pods, cocoa, beans in burlap sacks, and chocolate bars


    Blommer reaches production of 275 million pounds of chocolate, processing 5% of the world’s cocoa beans.

  • Photograph of Signature Line chocolate label


    Blommer introduces its premium collection Signature Line and Specialty Cocoas.

  • 2000

    Blommer joins other industry partners in co-founding the World Cocoa Foundation.

  • Photograph of Henry Blommer with cocoa bean trees surrounding him


    Henry Blommer receives a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award from the NCA.

  • Photograph of candy coins in yellow plastic sack


    Blommer sales surpass a half-billion dollars.

  • Photograph of front of Blommer manufacturing facility in Ontario, Canada


    Blommer expands with an additional 85,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Ontario, Canada.

  • Photograph of paper sacks with Blommer labels


    With the addition of new roasters in three plants, Blommer officially grinds 50% of all U.S. cocoa imports.

  • 2012

    The Rainforest Alliance honors Blommer Chocolate with their coveted “Sustainable Standard-Setter” award.

  • 2015

    Blommer opens sustainability office in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire to manage its activities under its Sustainable Origins program.

  • 2016

    Blommer expands to China, building a fully integrated bean roasting and chocolate processing plant in Jinshan, near Shanghai.

  • 2017

    Blommer signs Cocoa and Forests Initiative to end deforestation and forest degradation in the cocoa sector.

  • 2019

    Blommer combines with Fuji Oil Holdings to build third largest global chocolate and compound business with 16 plants in 10 countries.

  • 2020

    Blommer and Fuji commit to eliminate child labor and distribute 1 million forest tree seedlings by 2030.