Sustainable Origins

Since 1939 Blommer Chocolate Company has been a pioneer in sustainability


Recently, the Governments of Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire engaged the cocoa and chocolate industry in a series of meetings to discuss options around new pricing structures aimed at providing cocoa farmers greater value for their cocoa.

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Blommer Chocolate has long demonstrated our dedication to the world’s cocoa communities and will continue with our obligation in providing leadership and direction for developing sustainable commodity supply chains. Through our Sustainable Origins programs, we have executed a multi-faceted approach of farm improvement, women’s empowerment, access to education, reforestation and improved childhood protection. However, we have not yet fully achieved what we were set out to do. There remains a significant amount of work and Blommer is committed to the effort of realizing supply networks that protect natural resources, are free from all forms of child labor, and lift farmers out of poverty. This is the foundation of our Sustainable Origins™ program, which builds upon the three key pillars of sustainability:


Through our efforts around women’s empowerment, child protection and family health we enhance the overall living conditions of our farming partners while respecting human rights and promoting a safe and decent work environment all along our supply chain.


In all of our sustainability work, safeguarding the environment, addressing climate change, and preserving the planet for future generations is imperative. We provide sound environmental stewardship throughout the value chain by promoting reforestation, water conservation, and the improvement of soil fertility.


Our programs create economic opportunities by improving farm management, supporting skills development, encouraging entrepreneurship, providing literacy trainings and increasing access to village savings and loan associations.

Cocoa Cooperatives Map

The map below displays the cocoa cooperatives we source directly from this season. It shows the cooperatives name and exact location, the certification and the number of farmers in our network. Blommer is committed to improve traceability and transparency along our cocoa supply chain. We will continue developing our data collection and traceability capabilities and we will update this map annually.

Mapping by Mapline

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