Research and Development

Research and Development

At Blommer Chocolate, we strive to provide our customers with the best technical and customer assistance in the industry. To accomplish this, we have strategically located our R&D teams across North America to provide region specific support for New Product Development and general Technical Services. Each of our locations are staffed with some of the most experienced professionals in the chocolate industry having advanced degrees in Food Science, Culinary Arts and Engineering, supplemented with industry training and years of hands-on experience.


Innovation at Blommer Chocolate begins with our customers and goes well beyond providing new products. We start with you to develop “holistic solutions” leveraging your knowledge of the market place and our expertise in chocolate to create innovations that are relevant. From new products and process technologies to improved functionality, quality and cost reduction, we believe collaboration is the key in creating successful innovative solutions for your business.

Our “Center of Excellence”

At the heart of our “Center of Excellence” are our people. We leverage their core competencies in “Beans to Chocolate Processing” to create some of the highest quality chocolates and cocoa products in the industry. Additionally, we have core competencies in fats and oils to develop coatings for every need in the baking, confectionery, ice cream and functional categories; ingredient technology in the areas for emulsification, sweetening and flavor to create products that function and taste great while keeping in mind economical considerations.

Beyond our people, we have both lab and pilot scale equipment at each one of our R&D locations across North America. Located on the East Coast is our corporate R&D facility which houses the Sensory, Applications and Chocolate R&D teams and the main pilot plant facility. This team has the capability to produce any chocolate / chocolate product with the ability to convert into finished product forms.

With our experienced teams, core competencies in chocolate combined with our state of the art facilities, we are confident that our “Center of Excellence” is capable of providing you the solutions for all of your chocolate needs.

Flavor Trends

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