Sustainable Origins

L.I.F.T. provides companies the ability to
make a serious impact on the day to day
lives of cocoa farmers

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Today, the farmers growing the world’s cocoa, their families and the communities in which they live remain challenged by the lack of access to life’s basic needs.

Clean water, nutritional food, heath care and a basic education are simply not a daily option for far too many of our cocoa farming partners. From many in the chocolate and confectionary industry, there is a strong desire to help without the knowhow or mechanism to do so. Often the cost of a sustainability program and the open ended commitment are viewed as prohibitive. It was with these companies in mind that Blommer developed L.I.F.T.


Through the L.I.F.T. platform:

  • A company can earmark a small product premium to use for the construction of a water well, primary school building or medical center serving thousands of individuals.
  • Premiums can also be directed to areas of food security, women’s empowerment, literacy and farm support.
  • Companies have full transparency to the project and have the marketing rights to promote the project as their own.

L.I.F.T. provides companies the ability to make a serious impact on the day to day lives of cocoa farmers and helps to build thriving communities for the long term benefit of our most crucial partner.

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L.I.F.T. Program Impact: Schools

  • Blommer facilitated the construction of 60 classrooms/11 primary schools and 1 nursery school
  • 1 primary school (6 Classrooms) is scheduled to be constructed for the school year starting in 2018
  • These schools support approximately 3,000 children each year
  • Approx. 54 communities have access to the total of 11 primary schools and 1 nursery school


L.I.F.T. Program Impact: Healthcare

  • 4 medical centers have been constructed to date providing access to 43 surrounding communities
  • 4 additional health centers will be built during 2018
  • 1 maternity unit was constructed in the past (7 communities), and another 1 is expected to be constructed early 2018
  • An ambulance was facilitated benefitting 4 surrounding communities
  • A medical laboratory was constructed benefitting 30 communities
  • Through these facilities 113,000 children an pregnant women have received vaccinations for Polio, Measles, Yellow Fever and other diseases


L.I.F.T. Program Impact: Water

  • 10 water pumps installed benefiting 1,000 surrounding households representing approximately 8,000 individuals
  • 2 additional water pumps to be put in place in 2018, to benefit 900 people in 2 villages
  • Significantly Decreases Exposure to Typhoid, Dysentery and Hepatitis E
  • Significantly reduces the time needed to gather water. Leaving additional time for women to be at home or pursuing other beneficial activities