Signature Line

Blommer Chocolate combines the best technical expertise with the art of producing excellent chocolate to make our Signature Line chocolates.

Blommer Chocolate offers our Signature Line chocolates, a line of chocolates of the finest flavor and color profiles, developed especially for the premium quality, boxed-chocolate market. The Signature Line was developed with the assistance of a chocolate expert from Switzerland. We carefully select and blend flavor grade cocoa beans and other ingredients used to produce a line of coatings of the finest flavor and color profiles.

The Signature Line includes an array of milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white coatings. The milk chocolate products have varying degrees of color ranging from light to medium to darker brown, and each has unique flavor characteristics which distinguishes it from the others. The dark chocolates range from a mild semi-sweet with rich, smooth chocolate flavor to a robust dark chocolate. The cocoa butter based white coating combines creamy richness with a smooth texture.

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