Career Benefits

Taking Care of Our People

At Blommer, our people are the heart of our business. Therefore, we provide a competitive benefit package, including but not limited to the following:


We are pleased to provide a comprehensive life, medical, dental and vision benefit package for our full-time employees and their families. At a generously subsidized cost, this gives our employees peace of mind when it is needed the most!

Growth & Development:

To encourage the continued growth and development of our employees, we are happy to provide structured on the job training and tuition reimbursement opportunities.

Planning for the Future:

We offer generous retirement savings programs for all full-time employees.

Work/Life Balance:

We know that time spent relaxing with family helps employees come back to work feeling recharged, so we provide paid holidays and time off for all full-time employees.

Making it Easy to Work Safely:

Besides providing our employees with uniforms at no cost, we provide a generous annual allowance to pay for prescription safety glasses, hearing protection and safety footwear.

Financial Motivations:

We understand the financial aspect of a position is important which is why we are committed to sustaining our weekly payroll, providing merit based pay increases, shift premiums, training premiums and job rotation premiums.


We host company-funded events such as our annual summer picnic and various holiday celebrations. We like to celebrate achievements and socialize because we believe it keeps our team strong. And last but not least, our favorite benefit, a birthday present of 10 pounds of chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Some Extras: