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Madame Sopi - Sustainable Origins partnerMadame Sopi
Having the responsibility of managing a large cocoa farm that she had inherited from her father, Madame Sopi decided to attend the farmer field school sponsored by Blommer’s Sustainable Origins™ program to learn about improved cocoa farming techniques. With the application of these techniques, coupled with a system of intercropping cocoa with banana, pineapple and papaya, Madame Sopi has secured additional income for her family, become one of her cooperative’s leading cocoa producers and has become a true inspiration to her community.

Mr. Hardi - Sustainable Origins partner
In 2002, Mr. Hardi participated in the farmer field schools provided by the World
Cocoa Foundation Success Program in Sulawesi. Part of that training included side
grafting, a technique crucial to the rehabilitation process of existing cocoa farms. In 2005, Mr. Hardi joined Blommer and Olam International in the SAFOB sustainability program as a farmer trainer. Over the past 8 years, Mr. Hardi has been instrumental in leading the rehabilitation of 15,000 farms, covering over 22,000 hectares and 22 million trees. As a result, the farmers have realized production increases as high as 200%, reduced disease and pest activity and an overall increase to household income.

Mr Hardi

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