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Sustainable Origins

Blommer Chocolate Company, a third-generation, family-run company, is fully committed to the world’s cocoa farmers and their communities. As the largest cocoa processor and ingredient chocolate supplier in North America, our goal is to support farmers to keep pace with market demand for chocolate and ensure their economic viability for generations to come. This is vital since the expected increase in world demand for cocoa over the next 10 years is expected to outpace global supply. Founded in 1939 by Henry Blommer, the company has long been a steward in pioneering sustainable cocoa farming and advancing farmers’ livelihood around the globe. Today, we continue this vision, fully recognizing the importance of a long term multigenerational view. These initiatives are the foundation of our Sustainable Origins™ program, which builds upon the three key pillars of sustainability:

Blommer’s Sustainable Origins™ program is focused on cocoa growing communities with the aim to enhance overall living conditions. As active stewards, we engage farmers and provide tools and training using the proven Farmer Field School model. Through improved farm productivity and cocoa bean quality, farmers are enabled to generate increased income which supports the creation of thriving cocoa communities that also adhere to International Labor Standards.

Throughout all of our sustainability work, safeguarding the environment and preserving the planet for future generations is imperative. This is a global commitment that customers and producers entrust us to uphold. To this end, Blommer implements responsible, sound environmental stewardship for producers by providing training on agricultural practices which conserve soil, water and protect fragile tropical ecosystems.

Improving overall living conditions for farmers which allow cocoa growing communities to flourish while guaranteeing future cocoa supply. Sustainable Origins™ builds upon expanding farming skills to empower farmers; improve market transparency and strengthen farmer associations to ensure fully traceable, high quality products to meet our customers’ expectations.

As an industry leader, we believe sustainability efforts in cocoa communities provides value at every touch point in the supply chain through improved and more consistent quality and a sustainable future for cocoa farming families.


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Since 1939 Blommer Chocolate Company has been a pioneer in sustainability


Peter Blommer talks about Blommer's sustainability programs




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