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confectioner Coatings

Blommer offers a wide variety of compound coatings made with specialty vegetable fats to optimize coating performance while delivering the desired flavors.
Offered in a variety of flavor profiles, particle size, viscosities and colors to meet your every need.

Contact your Blommer representative to help guide you to the right product for your particular application.

Milk Confectioner Coatings

One of our most requested milk chocolate flavored confectionery coatings, made with fractionated palm kernel oil with a melting profile similar to cocoa butter.

A popular milk chocolate flavored confectionery coating.

Kinzie Milk
Our most popular milk chocolate flavored confectioner coating.

A milk chocolate confectionery coating.

Premium Milk
A premium milk chocolate flavored confectioner coating with added emulsifier for
bloom stability.

A very popular milk chocolate flavor confectionery coating.

A higher melting point milk chocolate confectionery coating.

Dark Confectioner Coatings
Kinzie Dark

A very dark coating with rich cocoa flavor.

A very dark coating with rich cocoa flavor.

A good quality dark chocolate confectioner coating.

Premium Dark
A premium dark chocolate flavored confectionery coating made for applications that require bloom stable coating.

Carob Coating
A palm kernel oil based confectioner coating flavored with carob powder.

White Confectioner Coatings
Premium White

A high quality white confectionery coating.

A popular creamy white confectionery coating with delightful milk flavor.

White Kreemey
A smooth, sweet and milk white confectionery coating.

Yogurt Coating
A high quality palm kernel based confectionery coating.

For Colors and Flavors see our Specialty Coating product page
For Nutraceutical coatings see our Functional Coatings product page

Confectioner Coatings Data Sheet
Download the data sheet for more detailed product information.


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