Milk Chocolate

Blommer offers a wide variety of milk chocolates and sugarfree milk chocolate flavored products to suit every application. Made with the finest cocoa beans and milk ingredients. Offered in a variety of flavor profiles, particle size, viscosities and colors to meet your every need.

Contact your Blommer representative to help guide you to the right product for your particular application.

One of our finest milk chocolates manufactured with flavor-grade cocoa beans to create a mild chocolate flavor with pleasant creamy background.

A robust milk chocolate manufactured to enhance European style with intense milk notes.

Our most popular milk chocolate. A rich, full bodied milk chocolate with a pleasant caramelized flavor.

D-milk w/Vanilla
Same Flavor as D-Milk with a note of vanilla.

A sweeter milk chocolate with high chocolate character. Ideal for general usage.

Wisconsin w/Vanilla
Same Flavor as Wisconsin with a note of vanilla.

Sweet milk flavor ideal for enrobing, panning and hand dipping.

A high quality and flavored milk chocolate.

Penn w/Vanilla
Same Flavor as Penn with a note of vanilla.

A balanced sweet milk with chocolate intensity formulated for enrobing, panning and hand dipping.

A milk chocolate with a delicate balance of milk and chocolate flavors.

A robust milk chocolate with rich, even chocolate characteristics.

A sweet milk chocolate with a distinct chocolate flavor and milk notes.

A sweet milk chocolate with a distinct chocolate flavor that is refined to create a creamy, delicate flavor.

Kansas Milk
A versatile milk chocolate with a chocolate intensity that works well for coating.

Illinois Milk
A mild milk chocolate coating.

Illinois Milk w/Vanilla
Same Flavor as Illinois with an note of Vanilla.

A milk chocolate coating with high milk notes.

Santa Cruz
A milk chocolate coating made with evaporated cane juice.

Maltitol Sugar Free
A sugar free milk chocolate using maltitol, a sweetener used as a sucrose substitute.

Valley Forge Sugar Free
A sugar free milk with a distinct chocolate impact complemented by subtle sweet and milky notes ideal for use in making fine confectionery pieces.

For premium milk chocolates please see our Signature Line product page