Drops & Chunks

Blommer offers a full array of deposited products including chocolate chips from 800 count per pound through 10,000 count per pound. Chips are available in milk, dark and compound coatings as noted in the individual descriptions.

Specially flavored varieties are also available such as lemon, mint and cinnamon and are constantly expanding.

Additionally, we offer chocolate chunks in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet all of your ingredient needs.

Contact your Blommer representative to help guide you to the right product for your particular application.


Chocolate Drops/Chunks

Semi Sweet Drops - A semi-sweet chocolate drop with robust flavor.

Indulgence Semi Sweet Drops - A very dark chocolate drop with robust flavor.

Havana High Cocoa Mass Drops - A semisweet chocolate drop with high cocoa mass producing a very strong chocolate liquor flavor.

N Semi Sweet Drops - A semi sweet chocolate drop.

Valley Forge Sugar Free Semi Sweet Drops - A robust dark sugar free drop with subtle baked brownie notes.

Milk Drops - A milk chocolate drop with good chocolate impact.

Milk Drops w/Vanilla - A Milk Chocolate Drop made with pure vanilla with good chocolate impact.

Ivory White Drops - A cocoa butter based white chocolate drop with a sweet, natural flavor.

Semi Sweet Chunks - A semi-sweet chunk with robust flavor.

Milk Chunks - A milk chocolate chunk with good chocolate impact.

Chalet White Chunks - A white chocolate chunk with a milky, natural flavor.


Confectioner Drops/Chunks

Royal Cocoa Drops - A high melt point cocoa flavored confectionery drop.

Majesty Cocoa Drops - A dark chocolate flavored confectionery drop with strong chocolate flavor.

Mainstay Cocoa Drops - A cocoa flavored confectionery drop.

White Confectioner Drops - A white chocolate flavored confectionery drop. Sweet and mild milk notes.

Williams White Drops - A premium white chocolate flavored confectionery drop made with increased milk flavor.

Chardonnay White Drops - A fractionated white chocolate flavored confectionery drop.

Yogurt Drops - A yogurt flavored, palm kernel based confectioner drop.

Peanut Flavored Drops - A peanut butter flavored confectioner drop.

Williams Brown Drops - A caramel flavored confectionery drop.

Carob Drops - A confectionery drop flavored with carob powder.

Balboa White Chunks - A confectioner’s white chunk refined and conged to produce an excellent flavor.