Dark Chocolate

Blommer offers a wide variety of dark chocolates and sugar free dark chocolate flavored products to suit every application. Specially roasted cocoa beans to offer the deep rich flavors that your customers desire. Offered in a variety of flavor profiles, particle size, viscosities, and colors to meet your every need. Certain varieties are offered for our Pareve customers - please note in individual product descriptions.

Contact your Blommer representative to help guide you to the right product for your particular application.

NY Imperial w/Vanilla
An excellent medium dark chocolate made with gently roasted beans which are then carefully refined and conched to create a silky smooth texture.

NY Dark
One of our finest medium dark chocolates made with gently roasted cocoa beans. It is then carefully refined to create a silky smooth texture.

A premium dark chocolate blend of flavor-grade beans with subtle fruity notes.

A robust dark chocolate with balanced vanilla notes ideal for panning or enrobing.

A dark chocolate using specially roasted cocoa beans to create a rich chocolate flavor.

A well-rounded dark chocolate with a smooth chocolate flavor.

A high quality dark chocolate with a pleasant chocolate flavor. Distinguished by its richness.

Marquette w/Vanilla
A high grade bitter sweet chocolate.

A dark chocolate with deep chocolate intensity.

A robust semi-sweet dark chocolate manufactured from specially prepared chocolate liquors to enhance its chocolate intensity.

A dark chocolate with a smooth chocolate flavor.

A bold dark chocolate manufactured with special ingredients to create a strong chocolate impact with subtle fruit notes.

Maltitol Sugar Free
A sugar free dark chocolaty coating with strong chocolate flavor.

Valley Forge Sugar free
A robust dark sugar free with subtle baked brownie notes. Use as a nice complement to sweet centers.