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Sustainable Origins

cocoa sustainability

Blommer Chocolate Company is a third-generation, family-run company, and the largest cocoa processor and ingredient chocolate supplier in North America. Our company was founded in 1939, and has long been a pioneer in advancing sustainable cocoa farming. Our program, Sustainable Origins, includes these three pillars of sustainability:

People - improve farmer livelihood by providing tools and training to increase yields and income, and create thriving cocoa communities where international labor standards are practiced. Farmer

Planet - practice responsible, sound environmental stewardship in cocoa–farming communities where soil and water are conserved, integrated pest management approaches are utilized, and the fragile tropical ecosystem is protected.

Profit - improve economic returns for cocoa farmers, built upon expanding farming skills, market transparency, and stronger, more effective farmer associations


At Blommer, we believe sustainability efforts in the cocoa community will benefit everyone involved in the cocoa supply chain through better quality, more consistent product and a sustainable future for the industry. Our industry has a responsibility to invest in the cocoa growing regions by providing the tools, technology and training necessary for the farmer to develop the skills required to increase yields, improve quality and become a better educated seller to ensure the long term sustainability of the cocoa industry.
Sustainable Origins
Sustainable Origins
Sustainable Origins™ is the Blommer program that encompasses all of our work in sustainability. Blommer is involved in several private sustainability programs in Indonesia, Ecuador and Ivory Coast. More than 60,000 farmers are participating in our sustainability programs in which farmers have experienced better crop yields and premium pricing through their participation. Blommer plans to invest an incremental $45 million in cocoa sustainability efforts by 2020 as a part of its Sustainable Origins program. Driven by an effort to meet rising consumer demand and to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals, Blommer pledges to reach an additional 50,000 cocoa farmers worldwide, building on existing farmer programs to expand our current farmer base to over 100,000.

PACTSProcessors Alliance for Cocoa Traceability and Sustainability (PACTS)
PACTS is a $3 million cocoa sustainability partnership supporting farmers in Ivory Coast, West Africa. PACTS was developed in conjunction with Cemoi Chocolatier of France and Petra Foods of Southeast Asia, and the mission is to improve the supply of high quality, fermented cocoa beans while improving the livelihood of the local farming community. The program focuses on the establishment of fermentation centers that help the farmer improve post-harvest processing and improve bean quality. The fermentation centers also act as a hub from which farmers can improve their agronomy skills and understanding, with a goal of increasing crop yields and, ultimately, farmer incomes.

Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa Products
Blommer is the leader in cocoa products that are certified by the Rainforest Alliance, which works with farmers to help meet comprehensive standards for sustainability that protect the environment and wildlife, and ensure the well-being of workers and local communities. The Rainforest Alliance honored Blommer as a 2012 recipient of the organizations coveted “Sustainable Standard-Setter” award. This award recognizes Blommer for its long-standing heritage of farmer focused programs and its investment in the future of cocoa that sustains the industry, the environment and farmer livelihoods around the globe.

Amazon Basin Project
This project is a coordinated effort in conjunction with NGO Conservacion and Desarolla to improve cocoa farmer livelihood and crop quality in Ecuador through the introduction of solar dryers to improve the fermentation process. The project constructed
225 dryers and farmers are receiving 40% higher prices for higher quality cocoa. Beginning in 2012, Blommer will launch the Sacha Gold Program. This program will train farmers in best practices and providing high yielding tree stock to more than 1000 farmers in the Amazon Region of Ecuador.

Cocoa Livelihoods Program
In 2009, Blommer joined forces with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and other industry members to launch the Cocoa Livelihoods Program, a comprehensive $40 million program targeted to reach 200,000 farmers in five Central and West African countries. The program has a goal of doubling the income of one-third of Africa’s cocoa farmers with small family farms through farmer training on sustainable production techniques and quality issues.

World Cocoa FoundationWCF
Blommer Chocolate was a founding member of the World Cocoa Foundation and continues to actively participate in the global programs. World Cocoa Foundation is committed to promoting economic and social development and environmental stewardship in all cocoa-producing countries around the world. Blommer Chocolate has been active in the organization since its inception.

GrowCocoa is a joint venture formed in June of 2012 with Olam International Limited. GrowCocoa supports the cocoa supply chain based on the combined strengths of both partners; in origin sourcing and access to farmer groups, technical chocolate product manufacturing expertise and established retail customer relationships. GrowCocoa aims to improve the livelihoods of cocoa communities, encourage long term commitment and investment in a sustainable supply chain and develop strategic partnerships with governments, national institutions, relevant NGOs and funding partners. GrowCocoa includes the 2 programs listed below and will develop new programs in other regions.

Sulawesi Alliance of Farmers, Olam and Blommer Chocolate (SAFOB)
SAFOB is a sustainable farming program in Sulawesi, Indonesia that builds on the technical skills learned in the farmer field school initiatives developed by the World Cocoa Foundation by providing additional technical education, pricing incentives and global market access to farmers. The program was created in partnership with global supply chain manager, Olam International. The program has increased over ten-fold since its inception in 2005. Farmers participating in the program have achieved production increases of 50-100 percent and premium pricing consistent with quality gains.

Côte d’Iv oire Alliance of Farmers, Olam International and
Blommer Chocolate (CIFOB)

CIFOB is a program developed to help cocoa farmers in West Africa to revitalize their cocoa farms and improve cocoa quality to improve farmer incomes. The program is modeled after SAFOB, and proper post-harvest practices are the focus of the training. Todays 40 cooperatives providing more than 20,000 metric tons of sustainable cocoa are partnering with Blommer in the CIFOB Program.

FCIA Member logoBlommer Chocolate: Members of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association
The FCIA was founded in 2007 as a global, non-profit organization focused on providing support to Fine Chocolate professionals via educational programs, networking opportunities, promotional activities, discounted products and services, newsletters, and more. Our growing association includes over 200 professional members worldwide, including chocolatiers, chocolate-makers, equipment manufacturers, packaging companies, educators, and other suppliers, plus hundreds of chocolate aficionados that actively support and follow FCIA’s programs and initiatives. Learn more about FCIA.

Watch video of Peter Blommer talking about Blommer Chocolate sustainability programs
Blommer Chocolate Company Sustainability Programs
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