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Sustainable Origins

rainforest alliance certification

RFARainforest Alliance certification is built on 3 pillars of sustainability – environmental, social & economic.

Rainforest Alliance certification ensures that farms have met the comprehensive environmental, social and economic standards of the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN). The SAN standards cover ecosystem conservation, water and soil conservation, waste reduction, agrochemical reduction and wildlife protection. Further, these standards ensure that farm workers are provided with safe work conditions, good living conditions, decent wages, healthcare and access to education for their children.

Unlike Fair Trade, which focuses on the price at which products are traded, or organic, which focuses on soil health, Rainforest Alliance certification focuses on whole farm management. It empowers farmers to be better business people, to control costs, increase production, improve quality, build their own competence in trading, build workforce and community cohesion and pride, manage their precious natural resources and protect the environment.

“Companies like Blommer Chocolate Company continue to raise the bar, making bold commitments to sustainability and traceability” said Rainforest Alliance, President, Tensie Whelan. “Through working with the Rainforest Alliance, Blommer is helping to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farming communities while protecting natural resources for generations to come.”

Edward Millard -Director of Sustainable Landscapes, The Rainforest Alliance



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